Movement Matters 

Sugar Mill Montessori emphasizes movement and making sure the classroom is constructed in a way where everything in the classroom becomes apart of the curriculum. Our approach to movement integrates mind, body, and spirit into activities to increase cognition and awareness in your child.

For example, children are taught how to walk carefully around the classroom to make sure they are mindful of other students’ workspace. Each movement activity at Montessori has functional awareness in mind where your child can improve their agility and coordination. 

Sensory Experience 

Montessori students are not here to only learn for today but to also cultivate skills that will stay with them well into the future. Here at Sugar Mill, we expose children to a variety of geometric shapes, colors, and textures. The introduction of sensory-motor activities allows your child to relate with experiences that indirectly prepare them for later academic and career success. 

Hands-on Activities 

When your child is able to engage in activities with their hands, work becomes more purposeful and mentally stimulating. We strive to present activities that foster meaningful engagement between your child and their environment. 

For example, working on an activity that requires focus and concentration will help develop faculties within that will benefit them later on. Activities like opening and closing things requires focus on that one task where they are able to fully concentrate. 

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