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Frequently Asked Questions

When you join SMMS, you become part of our family. SMMS is run by a mother-daughter duo, who have a passion for early education. They are both Montessori trained, with a combined experience of over 30 years. SMMS is not a chain, franchise or owned by investors.
No. In a nutshell, Montessori is a way of teaching. Some schools use the Montessori name, without following the methodology or using the specially designed Montessori materials. All lead teachers must be Montessori trained and certified.
Yes, AMS membership is not necessary, but we feel it is important. Being a member of AMS means we uphold the 5 core values of the Montessori Method- Trained Montessori Teachers, Multi-Age Classroom, Use of Montessori Materials, Child-Directed Work, Uninterrupted Work Periods.
At SMMS, your child’s privacy is of utmost importance. If you can see it, a hacker or anyone else can too. However, we encourage parents to come and watch their child on our school TV, located in a private room near the office.
All parents use a biometric computer system to sign children in and out each day. The front door is always locked, and a staff member opens the door to ensure we know who is entering the building. Parents must authorize family members and friends to pick up children.
Absolutely not! Our teachers carefully plan engaging, hands-on activities for your child to learn from each day. We do have two special movie days each year, when children come to school in their pajamas and enjoy a special treat.
Technology is used to enhance, not replace, the hands-on Montessori lessons. Once students have mastered a lesson using the concrete materials, tablets and computers are used to apply that knowledge to more abstract skills. Older students learn computer basics such as keyboarding and mouse skills.

What to Look for 

Questions to Ask 

  1. Are the students happy? Do they appear secure and relaxed?
  2. Are the students treated with respect?
  3. Do the adults listen to the students?
  4. Are the students engaged in activity?
  5. Are the students encouraged to be creative?
  6. Do the adults encourage students using positive language and open-ended questions?
  7. Is independence fostered? How much do the students do for themselves and how much is done for them?
  8. Is the environment attractive and orderly or does it appear cluttered?
  9. Do the adults appear to love their work and the students?
  10. Does the appearance and manner of the teacher suggest professionalism?
  1. How is Montessori different from a daycare?
  2. Are all Montessori schools the same?
  3. Are all the lead teachers Montessori certified?
  4. What is the tenure and experience of the teachers? The administration? The owners?
  5. What security measures do you take to ensure safety of children?

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