Education Starts at Home

Provide Support

Montessori education is more than schooling we focus on developing a set of values that will allow your child to grow into the best versions of themselves. Our approach to education emphasizes acceptance and being understood, that will resonate with your child outside of the classroom. You are your child’s first teacher, and we make sure you are well informed about how to provide the best support and guidance to them. 

Hear them Out

When caring for your child it is important to help them as much as possible and encourage them to learn through experience. Allowing them to explore life at their own pace and figure things out is also important for their development at home. We understand that figuring out the balance of allowing your child to explore, and when to provide guidance is not an exact science. 

Also, at home when a problem does arise, be sure to work with your child to solve the problem together. We believe that when you make an effort to hear things from your child’s perspective, their feelings feel acknowledged and you can work to understand their behavior better.  

Hands-on Learning 

Here at Montessori, we provide a hands-on approach to learning. We encourage personal initiative and discovery to form intelligence in your child at an early age. Our Montessori approach provides a multi-sensory approach to learning that will allow your child to enjoy learning and discovering the world around them. This learning philosophy can continue at your home when you encourage their discovery by taking them to the library, kids museum, or help them conduct an experiment. 

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