You Should Give Your Children Chores

Nobody wants to do chores. However, the way we present the concepts of chores makes all the difference.  Having kids pitch in isn’t just helpful for parents; it’s beneficial for them, too. In fact, children of all ages can do chores and benefit from them. Here, we explore the many important reasons to incorporate regular chores into your children’s routines at home.

Teaches Practical Life Skills

At some point, we all need to learn how to do our laundry, wash our dishes, and pick up after ourselves.  Just like children need guidance when learning how to read or add, they need the same with basic life skills. When you get down to their level and show them how to do the job, you are setting them up for a future of success as adults.

Fosters a Sense of Belonging

By giving children ways to contribute to maintaining the home environment, you are effectively letting them know they are a valued, important member of the family.  Besides, working side by side to tidy up is bonus time spent together.

Helps Them Develop Independence

There is great value in teaching kids to do things for themselves. It feels incredibly empowering to master a task and be able to complete it by oneself.  Young children are at the perfect age to begin this work as they are continually looking for ways to do things independently.

Montessori Teaches, Fosters, and Helps

When giving a child of any age chores to do, the key is to find balance. Chores are essential for their development, but so are things like play, reading, time together as a family, and time with friends. If you are looking for more ways to cultivate your child’s independence, enrolling them in a Montessori school may be the best option. For more information about how Sugar Mill Montessori fosters independence, contact us today.  

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