More Ways Montessori is Different

In a previous post, we discussed a few ways in which Montessori school is different from traditional school. We compared and contrasted school and classroom design, multi-age classrooms, and student-directed learning. While these are some very key differences, there are still more ways in which the two differ.

Subjects are Integrated

The Montessori curriculum focuses on integrating diverse concepts across subject matter as children progress in grades. The goal is for students to learn skills through repetition but within different contexts to understand how several subjects are connected.

Learning is Hands-on

Children at Montessori schools are given an active role in their education with hands-on lessons conceived to help them discover information on their own. This physical learning style is more active than traditional lecture-style learning where children listen and memorize information.

Project-based Lessons

By introducing information in a lesson, then following it up with a demonstration of that information in the form of a project, students actively use what they learn and apply it. Projects are integrated into subjects as well as into larger efforts.

Adaptable Curriculum

Montessori curriculum expands in response to the students’ needs. Traditional curriculum is predetermined without regard to student needs.

Freedom of Time and Pace

In the Montessori classroom, children work on lessons as long as they need to, and interruptions are avoided whenever possible. Time limitations are mandated by schedules in traditional classrooms.

The individual child’s work pace is honored and encouraged in the Montessori classroom. In traditional classrooms, all children to work at the same pace.

Take a Chance on Different

At Sugar Mill Montessori, we believe that an alternative to the traditional classroom is necessary for preparing your child for the best future possible. Our staff and teachers are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment to help your child learn and reach their full potential.

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