Thanks Mom!

IMG_6977Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the special women in our lives who love and support us unconditionally. Mother, by definition, means “a woman in relation to a child”. But, being a mother is so much more. Let’s thank mom for all that she does!

Nurse – healing boo-boos large and small. It’s funny how a bandaid and a hug can cure most scrapes and nicks.

Chauffeur – kids these days have very busy schedules. They have to be shuttled from school to swimming, to dance, to soccer, to taekwondo, and back home again.

Teacher – though not all moms are in front of a classroom, all moms are still teaching their child about manners, relationships and other life skills.

Chef – it is important carefully prepare healthy foods to nourish growing child. Moms of picky eaters sometimes get extra creative. Who else would make flowers out of cucumbers and carrots, or bell pepper frogs?

Counselor – moms are the best listeners! They listen to their child’s troubles, knowing when to intervene and when to hang back and let their child find the solution.

Motivational Speaker – sometimes our kids feel discouraged and they need someone to provide encouragement. Moms are usually the biggest cheerleaders! They know how to provide support, and lift up their child when they make a mistake.

Psychic – from day one, moms are trying to figure out the needs and wants of this little person. They seem to instinctively know the meaning of every cry and whimper. Moms are omniscient – they always know where the “lost” shoe is and where to find the missing math book.

Being a mom is an awesome privilege and responsibility. It is a selfless, but extremely rewarding job. Here’s to celebrating our moms, and all they do, every day. Thanks mom!

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