Could This 40-second Video Save Your Baby?

A video launched earlier this year has already saved the lives of 36 babies. What is the video about, you ask? The video shows parents the steps to follow in case their baby is choking. The animated video stars “The Chokables”, household items that are easy for little ones to choke on – a marble, pen cap, gummy candy and peanut.

The public-service video was created by St John Ambulance, a first aid educational charity in the U.K. The organization previously conducted a survey of 4,000 parents, and found that almost 4 out of 5 parents did not know what to do if their baby were choking.  According to the organization, the video has received 29 million views and has already saved the lives of 36 babies and counting.

Sue Killen, chief executive officer of St John Ambulance, says in a release: “We’re thrilled that people have been sharing the ad with their family and friends, and the fact that children have been saved from choking is just incredible. These stories are living proof that life-saving first aid can be quick and easy to learn — and once you know what to do, you have the confidence to take action quickly and potentially save a life.”

Just as teachers maintain their CPR/First Aid training every two years, it is recommended that new parents take at least one CPR course. Hopefully, parents will not need to use the training, but it is good to know they have the knowledge in case of an emergency.

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