Art- Process vs. Product

IMG_5370Art encourages the natural desire to create. Children are free to use different mediums – watercolor, collage and clay, to express their ideas and individuality. Our art program emphasizes the process rather than the product, giving children more freedom to be creative. It hones fine motor skills while

 Art is a process, while craft is a product.

Art is focused more on the experience and exploration rather than the look of the final product. Art is an expression of one’s self; it is unique and original. There is no right or wrong way to create. Art can be relaxing and calming. It allows children to hone fine motor skills and discuss their work in their own words.

Crafts are product focused. Directions or samples are given to the child and there is a clear right or wrong way to complete the work. This limits a child’s creativity.

Encourage your child to discover art. Allow your child to explore with different materials and use their imagination. Who said zebras have to be white and black? When a child shows you their art work, ask an open-ended question to help increase language. “Tell me about your picture” or “It looks like purple was your favorite color today! What other colors did you use?”

Always keep in mind, it’s the child’s art!

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