National Read Across America Day!

Today is National Read Across America Day! It also happens to fall on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. This is not a coincidence, as Dr. Seuss books have been a favorite of young children for many generations. Reading to your child is so important. Start reading when your child is an infant – they are learning from the moment they are born!

Benefits of reading to your child:

  • It is a great way to bond – Our lives are so busy with work, school, and daily routine. It is nice to slow down and take the time to read with your child. This is calming and nurturing. For an infant, the sound of your voice is soothing.
  • Exposes your child to language – Children under the age of 6 are in their “sensitive period” for language, meaning they have an instinctual desire to learn how to communicate, and they have the ability to learn many languages. Reading teaches vocabulary as well as enunciation and word formation.
  • Preparation for reading – Reading is a learned skill. By reading to your child, you are modeling reading left to right, up to down, and putting spaces between words.
  • Academic success – Children who are read to at a young age are shown to have a higher aptitude for learning – larger vocabulary and more advanced math skills.
  • Communication skills – When reading, your child learns about emotions through the inflections in your voice. Children not only pick up on the interactions between characters in the book, but they also interact with you. This teaches children how to relate to others.
  • Concentration and Cognition – Sitting through a story teaches self-discipline and increases attention span. Reading also helps children with memory retention and logical thinking skills.
  • Reading is fun! – Reading plays a huge role in higher education. You want your child to enjoy reading, not see it as a chore that needs to be done for school.

Take the opportunity tonight, and every night, to read with your child. Start by reading this year’s NEA Read Across America book, Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Read why this book is full of wonderful lessons on our sister school- Meadow Montessori’s blog!

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